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Alexander Technique tuition London
Alexander Technique tuition London

Elise Wood is a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and a member of the society of teachers of the Alexander technique (STAT). She teaches from her home in  Ealing, in the Northfields area and in Notting Hill.


Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a way of learning about how to be comfortable in your own body. Our teachers help you to discover how your habits affect your life, and guide you towards an improved movement and posture.


By changing how you move as you go about your everday activities, we can help you to resolve long-term pain, voice problems, ergonomic problems, and even neurological issues.


We can also help you to achieve better self-awareness, better performance, and better patterns of movement in physical activities. If you do yoga, play an instrument, sing, dance, act or play a sport; lessons could have a big impact improving your habitual movements.