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Alexander Technique tuition London
Alexander Technique tuition London

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a practical method for improving the way we use ourselves in everyday activities. It can help you to recognise poor habits which can leave you feeling tense, exhausted and in pain and restores our good use, leaving you with a feeling of freedom and healthy well-being.


The technique was discovered by F.M. Alexander (1869-1955).

 Alexander was an aspiring actor who developed voice problems which lead to hoarseness and occasionally complete loss of voice. Unable to get any satisfactory help from doctors or voice teachers he spent several years researching and observing and came to recognise that the way he habitually used his head and neck affected his voice. His research lead him to discover that habits can affect all our daily activities leaving us with problems such as backache, headaches, R.S.I and general exhaustion.

Alexander developed a way of teaching people to become more aware of their unconscious habits and finding ways to prevent them.

 A three year Alexander teacher training course was developed in 1933 and today there are qualified teacher based all over the world.

Alexander was well regarded during his lifetime and his technique continues to inspire people today.